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Here are several announcements sent for the past and current meetings of
JASNA New Mexico Region
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Several have a link to Nancy Haseman's Captured Memories Photo Galleries

Select one of the following to see our past meetings:
Jane's Birthday - 2016
Regency Era Food and Fashion - October 8 2016
Three Faces of Emma - June 25 2016
Jane Austen at the Movies - March 19 2016

Keith Snell Concert - January 31 2016
Jane's Birthday Celebration - December 12 2015
Jane's Letters September 12 2015
June Meeting 2015
March 2015 Planning Meeting
Jane's Birthday 2014
Mansfield Park Discussion
Regency Hairstyling with Cecilia Lucero
Our Box Hill Picnic at Catie's Home
Tussie Mussies - a Regency Flower Arrangement
Reticules - to carry all of those necessities in
Jane's Christmas Toast - We missed her Birthday, but she was not forgotten