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Hello Janeites!

We have several things to bring to your attention with this announcement, so please look at the entire newsletter.  

As promised, we WILL have a meeting in October. Several people who were going to be attending the Annual JASNA Meeting in Montreal, Quebec  have had to change their plans, and Jayne has decided to pursue a meeting for October. The meeting will be held at the North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center (Map Attached) on October 11th at 12;30 – 2:30 pm.
         Our subject will be the same as the Annual meeting, Mansfield Park. This is the 200th anniversary of Mansfield Park and it seems appropriate that we take another (or first!) look at the story that has readers divided into two camps – those
who love the story, with it heroine Fanny Price, and those who hate it and what it represents. We will have tea (of course), scones (with clotted cream and lemon ), and perhaps other goodies!

Mansfield Park was the first novel of Jane Austen’s maturity—the first novel that she wrote all-of-a-piece (after settling into life in Chawton in 1809) rather than rewriting earlier drafts.  She began working on it while her third novel, the “light, bright & sparkling” Pride and Prejudice, was Being prepared for publication.  Soon after completing Mansfield Park, she began writing Emma.  Understanding and appreciating Mansfield Park is central to understanding and appreciating Jane Austen: her world, her values, and her methods of literary composition.

Do you like Fanny Price? Mrs. Norris? Edmund? These and other questions will be discussed at the meeting. Bring your questions, ideas, and favorite quotes to the meeting and share them with all. There are several suggestions on the website under both JASNA updates and JASNA News Clips you may wish to examine.

Speaking of the website, it has been updated several times since our last announcement – check it out and see what else we can do!


Don’t forget our raffle for the dress made especially for you by Tana Reber (pictured here) as well as other items brought by our members for the raffle. Remember – the drawing for the dress will be made at our December Meeting with Iris Lutz, the President of JASNA. Also, the great news for Jane’s Birthday meeting – it will be held December 6th at Los Poblanos – take a look and see what we have to anticipate!


        And finally, there is an opportunity to join with other members at a special tea offered by the St. James Tearoom. The events will include a talk by Bruce Richards, one of the most respected names in the tea world. Check this link for more information, and if you wish to sit with other Janeites, let them know when you register!  There are several of us going to the Friday, November 7th event. Join us if you can for what promises to be an outstanding event.


As usual if you wish to be dropped from the mailing list, have a correction to your address, or know someone who might wish to be added, just send Dal a message and it will be done.


Thank you for reading -



Dal Jensen

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