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Do you like Jane Austen?

Are you interested in the Regency and Georgian periods in English history?

Then you have come to the right place!

The Jane Austen Society of North America (JASNA) in New Mexico, like the national organization, is dedicated to the enjoyment of Jane Austen and her writing. This is an exciting time as we look back 200 years to the publication of Jane Austen’s six novels, published from 1811-1817, and mourn her untimely death in 1817. Jane’s fame has continued to grow with a multitude of authors and movies that explore her writing and her life during the Georgian and Regency eras in England.

JASNA New Mexico’s quarterly meetings explore topics of interest with presentations and discussions on her writings and all aspects of her life.  Topics of recent meetings include:

Jane Austen’s Letters – Jane wrote many letters to her friends and family – especially her sister Cassandra. Many were destroyed after Jane’s death but the surviving ones detail her thoughts and opinions on many subjects.  

Jane Austen and the Theater – In Mansfield Park, the characters decided to perform a play – Lover’s Vows. Their results were not exactly as anticipated- we had a copy of the play to pursue!

Jane Austen at the Movies – Many movies have been made using Jane Austen’s books and characters as the basic plot – which one’s were your favorites?

Three Faces of Emma – We looked at Emma from three directions - Emma as Matchmaker, Caregiver, and Socialite – which one do you see?

Food and Fashion during the Regency Era – Food was extremely important during the Regency Period – if you were invited out to dinner what might you expect to be served? Fashion was also important – with the French Wars dictating that the Paris Fashions were taboo (and the fabrics not readily available) the Regency ladies evolved their own fashions – which were later copied here in the early colonies!

 Come join us at our friendly meetings in Albuquerque to share and learn more about Jane Austen.   For more information please contact:

Dal Jensen, website manager, at Dal@jasnanm.com

Nicky Jung - Regional Coordinator 
Nickalee Jung, Regional Coordinator, at Nickalee@me.com