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Table for Jane Austen's BirthadyJane Austen PortraitAlthough we were unable to gather to celebrate

Jane’s Birthday together this year,

we thought it would be appropriate and in good taste to

remember Jane on her birthday.


We have set the table, stoked the fire, and chilled the wine

for the honorary toast.

I am using the one that I used last year as it still seems to

reflect our feelings. So, I propose the

following toast to our Jane….




It is a truth universally acknowledged,

that December is the time to celebrate Jane’s Birthday

and so we celebrate!

Today our Jane’s 239 years young,

but doesn’t show her age at all. 

We send our very best wishes and love to the Hampshire Girl

who stubbornly wanted to live by her pen and be free and independent…

who preferred writing to a married life,

who dreamt of beautiful love stories but never achieved one of her own.

So to Jane we raise a glass of birthday cheer –

long may her stories continue to flourish –

and let’s do it all again next year!!


Let us also remember and keep in our prayers Nancy and Rick who lost a Mother and Father within a short time, Jayne who lost her Mother this year, and any other members of our group who have lost loved ones this year -



Dal Jensen

The Knowledge Connection