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Hello Janeites!

          We have a meeting coming up on Sunday, August 10th with Cecilia Lucero, hair stylist extraordinaire! The meeting will be held from 2 – 4 pm at her Salon located in the Hoffman Town Shopping Center at the intersection of Wyoming Blvd and Menual Blvd.  Cecilia’s Salon is located near the east end of the shopping center.


Hairstyling - Fancy Ribbons

Ladies – have you ever wanted some new ideas in Regency Hair Styles to go with your dresses? We are fortunate to have Cecilia Lucero provide us with an afternoon of suggestions and hints on accomplishing that – for both long and short hair styles.

Cecilia’s passion for the art of hair began in preschool when a piece of white table paper and large jars of brilliant color were given to her.  She never had a favorite color, Cecilia loved them all.  There was never a doubt that she would be a hairstylist, for as long as she can remember that was what she would one day become.  Since the beginning of Cecilia’s journey in the hair industry, she has fully engrossed herself in everything hair especially color.  Being a hair stylist is never work for Cecilia, because of her love and passion for her craft.




Cecilia has been in the salon industry for the last 33 years, and has spent that time improving her skills, mastering her craft, and enjoying every opportunity her journey has brought on.  From fashion shows, photo shoots, educating with KMS and Goldwell, owning her salon for 20+ years, Cecilia has taken on every challenge and opportunity with gusto and enthusiasm.


And remember our raffle! Different items every meeting, and the opportunity to enter into a drawing for a dress made by Tana Reber, our own costumer.


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Thank you for reading!


Dal Jensen

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