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Upcoming Meetings and Happenings

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 9 at Nickalee Jung's home. The meeting will feature a talk by Felicia Behrman on Jane Austen and tea. She will also tell how she became a "Janeite". We may still be meeting outside due to COVID restrictions, but the weather will hopefully be much nicer than Jane's Birthday Celebration in December!

Due to the problems with the COVID Epidemic, we have been having more restricted meetings, including zoom meetings and sharing experiences through zoom with other regions meetings. Hopefully the worst is over, and we can start meeting openly and together again.

Another item of note - there will soon be a new website for JASNANM - it is currently under construction and will be found at JASNANM.ORG - keep an eye out for it. I will try to announce when it is ready - I have enjoyed working on this site, but due to several problems have not been able to keep it up.

Long live Jane Austen and all Janeites!