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Good Day, Janeites! 


The annual Jane Austen birthday celebration will be on Saturday, December 10 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Nickalee Jung's  home at 11501 San Rafael NE (Map Attached).  Please make a reservation by December 5 by e-mailing Nickalee at Nickalee@me.com.  The cost will be $15.00, which will be payable at the event to Dora Trudell, our treasurer.


Please let Nickalee know if you would like to bring something sweet or savory for the tea - donations are always welcome!.


The program will explore the ways in which we still identify with Jane Austen's characters after 200 years.  We will use excerpts from Amy Elizabeth Smith's book, All Roads Lead to Jane Austen.


A reader from AMAZON wrote – “In her honest, humorous, and inspiring travel memoir Amy Elizabeth Smith brings readers to six diverse and vibrant countries - Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile and Argentina. In each country, Ms. Smith scouts out the local book haunts, sets up a group read of a Jane Austen novel, and submerges herself in Latin America literature. The reading groups are comprised of five or six friends, friends-of-a-friend, poets, teachers, and booksellers that agree to read and discuss a Jane Austen novel in Spanish. When these groups meet, they discuss everything from the plot and characters, to the Jane Austen's marital status and popularity, to how Jane Austen's novels compare with their society and culture.”


If you would like to present one of the various various discussion groups in Mexico, Guatemala, and South America who related to Jane Austen's characters, please call or e-mail Nancy Haseman at 934-4539, haseman@abq.com, to let her know what country you would like to present.  She will mail you an excerpt from the book.


As usual, costumes are enjoyed but not required!


           Don’t forget, we also have two items in our raffle occurring during Jane’s Birthday celebration in December. Tickets for each item are $10.00 each and may be obtained at the meeting.

            First we have a repeat of a very popular selection from last year – Tana Reber is offering to make a Regency Dress for one lucky winner – the specifications are shown on the image. Tana will create the dress especially for the winner of the Raffle.


            Joanne has donated a rug for our raffle – the tickets for this item are also $10.00 each and will be available the next meeting.


It at any time you decide that you don't want to continue to receive our notices, you only need to send a short email to dal@jasnanm.com and I will be happy to remove you from our list. If you know additional individuals who might like to receive our mailings, a simple request to the same address will insure that it is done.



Dal Jensen